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I made this because I’m sick of all the hate Frozen’s been getting on this site. Ignore the few grammatical errors. Also please don’t hate me. I just want everyone to get along and watch Disney movies and laugh and love each other and eat popcorn without making everything an issue of political correctness. 





"this movie isn’t racist!!" *includes photos of white characters and blurry poc in the background who have no lines* "accurate representation for people of colour!!"

*white person (who will never experience racism) telling POC to not be offended by a racist movie because it’s not racist since there are is a handful (at most) of POC in the backgrounds of a few scenes*

"disney has been racist in the past and thats ok!!!!!!!!!!!! :) : ):) :) " go fuck you rown ass jesusu crhsit

"we all didnt just fly in from planet douchebag to fuck up your shit"

yes!!!! we did!!! ‘planet douchebag’ also known as europe, ‘fuck up your shit’ also known as colonizing their land, murdering their people, destroying and delegitimizing their cultures, forcing them into slavery, then very slowly restoring ‘rights’ to them while continuing to commit genocide and cultural decimation on a slightly subtler level so that any and all attempts to identify and work against these heinous acts are deemed ‘complaints’ from a community of people who have been historically and contemporarily massacred, both literally and figuratively, who should, apparently, be grateful for the actions of their oppressors (EDIT: we also did this IN EUROPE like there are people of color and cultures other than white ones in Europe soOOOOOO this claim of “they’re white bc they’re from europe” is WRONG)

we literally did exactly that thing that you (OP) swear we didnt do and the disney corporation, a company in the business of creating visual media whose success is measured by the consumer popularity of a particular project which is being created in a racist culture, is not exempt from this continuous white supremacy, it, in fact, perpetuates it

"disney is trying to be more diverse"

really?????? because i havent seen that and LETS NOT PRETEND that the disney corporation isn’t a multi-billion dollar company that has a stronghold on a good percentage of american media outlets

like what is this “trying” bullshit like there’s an anthropomorphic mouse at the helm of the disney corporation and every time he thinks about diverse racial representation a machine under his desk tightens the vice grip on his balls??????

if anything they are TRYING to be LESS diverse like i’ve seen fan artists on tumblr come up with historically accurate (because you fuckers care SO MUCH about that) POC character designs for Frozen and you wanna tell me that a CGI film with a $150 million dollar budget tried to make that happen but just couldnt?????

stop treating these media conglomerates like they’re grammar schoolers with a box of crayons and a coloring book (and hell even with a grammar schooler you shouldn’t just let racism and other -isms just slip by with a “well he’s trying!”) godddddddd

If you think that historical accuracy is important in a movie where magic exists, then you need to rearrange your priorities. Also, just because they portrayed POC characters for a while, doesn’t mean they portrayed them well! Pocahontas, Jasmine, and Esmeralda are totally exoticized, sexualized, and based on Western stereotypes of Native Americans, Middle Eastern, and Roma cultures. And also the bad guys are often given darker coloring than the good guys (Jafar, Shan Yu, and even Scar and Ursula are non-white (I know Ursula is purple and Scar is a lion, but all the other merpeople/lions are white/lighter)). They are getting better, but they have a long way to go.

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